Visa Cancelation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why and when should I cancel my MDX student visa?

There are many reasons why a student’s visa has to be cancelled.


a)      If you are moving to another university

b)      If you are interrupting or withdrawing your studies

c)       If you are graduating

d)      If you are leaving the country permanently

e)      If you are moving to an employment visa or parent’s sponsorship


  • I already left the country, do I still need to cancel my visa?

YES, you need to formally cancel your student visa by sending us your passport and Emirates ID card via a trusted courier service provider.

In any case that you failed to communicate with MDX Visa Office regarding your visa cancellation, the University has the authority to cancel your visa on the day that your visa expires.  In these circumstances, you will be liable to pay the fees that will be charged by the Government.


  • How can I start with my student visa cancellation?

Please bring your original passport and original Emirates ID card to MDX Visa Office so we can cancel your visa.


  • Is there a fee for student visa cancellation?

Yes. The student visa cancellation fee will be deducted from your visa deposit.


  • How much is the cancellation fee and how long is the process?

You have two options when cancelling your visa inside the country. 


a)      Express Cancellation   -  AED  1,140


The processing time for express cancellation is 5 working days.


b)      Normal cancellation – AED 640

The processing time for normal cancellation is 10-12 working days.


  • What is a “grace period”?

A grace period is the amount of time that a person can stay in the country without a visa after the resident’s visa is cancelled.

  • Is there a “grace period” after visa cancellation?

Yes, if you will be cancelling your visa for at least 2 weeks before your visa expiration, you are entitled to a “30-days” grace period.

However, grace periods are determined by the Immigration Office

hence there is no assurance that a 30-day period will always be



  • Why do I need to exit before the grace period?

You need to exit the country a day before your grace period ends in order to avoid “over stay” fines.

Remember that once your grace period ends, you are considered “illegal” inside the UAE and legal actions can be brought against you should you stay inside the country without a valid visa.


  • How can I get my visa deposit back?

Firstly, you will have to cancel your student visa from MDX.

Secondly, you will have to exit the country before the grace period ends and send us a copy of the following documents via email at


Passport data page

Exit stamp page

MISIS Number

Bank Account Details (International Bank Account where deposit will be made)

Mobile Number of Parents

Email Address of Parents

  • How soon can I get my visa deposit?

Once we receive the required exit documents listed above from you, we will then forward it to the Immigration Office for clearing purposes which will take around 4-5 weeks.

Please contact MDX Finance Office to check that refund is ready for collection.



The Immigration Office will not allow you to exit the country if your visa is expiring in few weeks.  We kindly advise you to coordinate with MDX Visa Office about your travel plans so we can guide you acc