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BA Honours International Tourism Management

Course length:3 years full time; usually 5 years part time
Course starts: September
Course leader: Lulu Baddar

Programme Details

The programme is concerned with providing students with a theoretical and applied understanding of international tourism, with an emphasis on the following elements: characteristics of tourists; tourist behaviour and demand; tourism products and supply; and the wider business environment in which tourism operates. The programme’s content encourages students to acquire key transferable skills, including analytical thinking and problem solving, along with the ability to work effectively in teams and be able to present and communicate management ideas with confidence. The subject content encourages students to identify a range of challenges for the industry: innovations in technology; tourism management strategies; progressive planning and policy directives; new methods of marketing, branding and re-branding; operational and strategic awareness, including awareness of other sub-sector industries (especially hospitality and events); ideas for business innovation; changing attitudes towards the use of the environment; and purposeful approaches to customer care. The programme will develop students’ intellectual capabilities, especially critical evaluation, synthesis, reasoned argument and research, which all play a vital role in encouraging students to become autonomous learners.

Special Features

  • Students will take part in field trips in the UAE, and have the opportunity to participate in an international week-long visit to an exciting tourist destination in year two.
  • International staff team provide excellence in teaching and research, ensuring students receive a first-class learning experience, with high levels of tutor support.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in internships to gain industry experience.
  • Students will study tourism within the context of a region that is developing its tourism industry in a globally minded, locally dynamic and pioneering manner.
  • Students will have access to leading academic and business resources.



Year 1

  • Global Tourism Dynamics – Compulsory
  • Marketing Theory and Practice  - Compulsory
  • The Economic Geography of Tourism  - Compulsory
  • Tourism and Society  - Compulsory

Year 2

  • International Tourism Management – Compulsory
  • Researching people and places  - Compulsory
  • The Tourist – Compulsory
  • Brand Management – Optional
  • Business Environment Analysis  - Optional
  • Consumer Behaviour  - Optional
  • Human Resource Management in a Global Context – Optional
  • Operations Management  - Optional

Year 3

  • Policy and Planning in Tourism – Compulsory
  • Hospitality and Tourism Marketing – Compulsory
  • Strategic Management in the Hospitality Environment – Optional
  • Independent Tourism Project  – Optional
  • International Marketing  – Optional
  • The Service Encounter  - Optional
  • Work Internship – Optional

Subject to modules on offer

Our cutting-edge degree combines theory and practice, with a focus on global trends and current developments in international tourism. The theory element provides a distinctive social science perspective covering such topics as sustainability, cultural tourism and tourism in developing countries. Students will also have the opportunity to blend their knowledge of tourism with  business-related subjects, especially given that the programme concerns the management of this important sector. The practical component offers a range of exciting placements and field trip opportunities, enabling students to build professional industry experience. This programme thus provides students with the chance to specialise in this growth industry, which offers excellent career prospects around the world. Tourism is a multi-faceted sector, constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of customers. The degree utilises a variety of assessment methods, comprising of a mixture of examinations, coursework, class tests, peer review, individual and group presentations, learning diaries and portfolio work.


Number of Modules Tuition Fees Per Module Tuition Fees per Year* Tuition Fees Total
12 AED 12,500 AED 50,000 AED 150,000

* Fees for full-time enrolment i.e. 4 modules per year. Students who wish to enrol for more than 4 modules must get special permission from their Programme Coordinators and pay for the additional module(s).

Entry Requirements

We normally make offers on 260 UCAS tariff points. GCSE English and Maths with a minimum of Grade C are required, however, the minimum points required for entry are 160 UCAS tariff PointsFor details on entry requirements for undergraduate studies, for more details please click here. 

Career Opportunities

As international tourism continues to grow, new opportunities for business and career development are created. Opportunities exist in such areas as: travel media; event marketing, planning and management; travel agencies and tour operators; airlines, airports and other transport sectors; museums and theme parks; travel and tourism consultancy; hotels and other organisations in the hospitality sector; and the recreation and sport industries. Opportunities not only exist in the private sector but also the public (government) sector, e.g., National Tourism Boards. As the tourism industry is essentially a service sector industry, graduates often seek work in such sectors as banking, finance and retail. Given that students have also gained the relevant knowledge and skills in business and management, they can expect to find work in the world of marketing and human resource management, for instance. Graduates may go on to postgraduate study in ‘International Tourism Management’, or related areas associated with the hospitality and event industries. Additionally, they can opt for postgraduate programmes concerning business and management.


The following documents must accompany an Application for Admission download here or fill in online

  • Two (2) recent passport-size photographs
  • Copy of your passport and your UAE residency visa, if available. Candidates who wish to apply for Middlesex University sponsored student visas can findmore information here
  • International Foundation Programme: Applicants should submit copies of secondary school records including a certificate of completion and a statement of grades/marks. Students may need to additionally provide results of their GED Tests.
  • Undergraduate Programmes: Applicants should submit copies of secondary school records including a certificate of completion and a statement of grades/marks. If you are seeking credits for previous study completed at university/post-secondary level, please provide official documents (e.g. transcripts, certificates, etc) showing the subjects completed and marks/grades achieved along with detailed information on the content of courses and an explanation of the grading system.
  • Postgraduate Programmes: Students should submit copies of their undergraduate qualifications including degrees and/or a statement of completion and transcripts showing grades/marks. For the MBA programme, students must additionally provide evidence of minimum 3 years professional full-time work experience. For candidates without a degree, a full description of the jobs is essential, to show clearly your successful career path and the contribution you can make to your postgraduate programme. You must provide information on the employer(s): size of Company (e.g. annual turnover, number of employees, geographical breadth), own responsibilities (e.g. size of budget, number of people reporting to you, to whom you report) and job content.
  • Two (2) academic references
  • A personal statement (200 words or more)
  • Evidence of satisfying the English Language requirements, where applicable.

If you require additional services such as a Middlesex University sponsored Student Visa or housing in our Halls of residences or our Transportation services please indicate this clearly on the application form.

Applications with the supporting documents should be sent to the Admission Office by the required ‘Application Deadlines’ on the following contact details:

Admissions Office

Middlesex University Dubai
Room 002, Block 16
Dubai Knowledge Village

PO Box 500697
United Arab Emirates


For admissions related enquiries call: +971 (0)4 3678100 OR +971 (0)4 3751212
To contact us via Fax dial: +971 (0)4 3678043