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The Middlesex MBA

Middlesex MBA Tops Forbes Middle East MBA Programme Ranking in Dubai

Forbes Middle East Magazine in their March 2012 issue has ranked the Middlesex MBA as the number one MBA in Dubai. The top ranking is an affirmation of the unique attributes of the Middlesex MBA which are :

  • UK Degree with a comprehensive business management syllabus.
  • A multi-cultural cohort that work in a range of industries and businesses
  • Outstanding full time faculty with industry experience based in Dubai
  • A range of specializations : Business Excellence, Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Operations & Logistics
  • Invited faculty from the top international businesses
  • Four Applied Learning Experiences and Four Executive Skills Development activities – away from the classroom.
  • International experience with a well-established international field trip to Paris or Milan.
  • A range of practical assessments for each module spread out over the term
  • A project-based MBA that can be taken further in setting up a business or has consultancy applications.

The Middlesex MBA aims to develop individuals to manage successfully and ethically across a range of organisations and to critically evaluate and take decisions in their functional areas of expertise.

This aim is achieved through:

Encouraging students to gain a thorough and integrated understanding of the various disciplines that contribute to the study of management

  • Facilitating the application of such disciplines to ensure effective practice
  • Enhancing personal and professional skills for management and leadership
  • Specialising in the functional area of emphasis chosen

The objectives for the Middlesex MBA are that students will:

  • Enhance and develop previous relevant experience in business and management
  • Develop the ability to apply previous and newly acquired knowledge and experience to complex business issues in a range of contexts
  • Prepare students for leadership and transformational roles in business
  • Develop knowledge, at an advanced level, of organisations, their management and the environment in which they operate, and demonstrate a broad perspective on organisational management and its wider impact on society and the environment
  • Develop in-depth knowledge in the chosen area of emphasis in marketing or finance or operations & logistics or international business or a generalist range of subjects
  • Operate and manage in a global and multicultural environment
  • Develop interpersonal and group-working skills
  • Encourage lifelong learning and personal development

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