Middlesex University Dubai Funded Conferences and Research Projects 2008-2013

University Funded Conferences

Eve Stubbs (2013) “Rethinking Media and Journalism Practice Conference on Education”, Winchester United Kingdom, 31 May.

Susan Soliman (2013), 15th Annual International Conference on Education, Athens Greece, 20-23 May.

Dr. Fehmida Hussein (2013), Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age Conference, Madrid, Spain 19-21 October

Dr Marcus L. Stephenson (2011) Tourism and the changing borders of citizenship: A socio-political enquiry, ‘Advancing the Social Sciences of Tourism’, 2011′, Surrey University, Guildford, Surrey. June.

Dr Cody Morris Paris (2011). Understanding the Statusphere and Blogosphere: An analysis of virtual backpacker spaces. Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2011 Innsbruck, Austria, January 26-28 2011.

Prof Ajit Karnik (2010) The UAE suffer from the Dutch Disease? An econometric analysis, 2nd Conference of the European Asian Economics, Finance & Accounting and Econometric Association, Beijing, 7-11 September.

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes (2010). A panel data approach to estimating the elasticity of demand for tourism in Dubai, 2nd European Asian Economics, Finance, Econometrics and Accounting conference, Beijing, 7-11 September.

Dr Alun Epps (with S. Wilkins) (2010) Kiss it better or the kiss of death? The perception of student feedback websites in Dubai. Middlesex University International Conference of Vocational, Professional and Workplace Learning, Intercollege, Larnaca , Cyprus, 23-26 June.

Dr Lois Smith (2010). Less is more: Introducing a new Learning Framework in an offshore campus, Temasek Polytechnic’s International Conference on Learning and Teaching, 9-11 June, Singapore.

Dr Alun Epps (2010) Blood is thicker than water, the challenges and opportunities facing family business in the United Arab Emirates during an economic crisis, International Family Enterprise Research Academy (IFERA) CHINA Family Business Forum, Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai Campus, Guangdong Province, China, 13th-15th January.

Ms. Louise Edensor (2010) Time for a change: the influence of the writings of Henri Bergson and Arthur Symons on the short stories of Katherine Mansfield. The Underworld and The Blooms Berries: Katherine Mansfield Symposium 4-5th June 2010 Melbourne, Australia.

Dr Rajesh Mohnot (2010) Re-examining performance of Indian capital markets in the light of current global crisis. IJAS International Conference, at Harvard University, Boston, MA. USA, May 31, June 3, 2010.

Pranab K. P. (2010) Sub-contracting as a form of Inter-firm Linkage: A Study of Small-scale Enterprises of India’s Auto-component Sector. The American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 24th-27th May.

Dr Rajesh Mohnot (2010) Forecasting FOREX volatility times of turbulence. The 2010 Hawaii Global Conference on Business and Finance, The Institute for Business and Finance Research, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA, 3rd – 6th January.

Dr Lois Smith (2009). Practitioner research in higher education as a means of creating professional knowledge, Society for Research into Higher Education Annual Conference, 8 – 10 December, Newport, UK.

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes (2009) Integrated logistics hub – does Dubai have the potential? The American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines, Ryerson University, Toronto – Canada, 25th – 28th May.

Neelofer Mashood (with H. Verhoeven & B. Chansarker) (2009) Emiratisation, Omanisation, Saudisation: common causes – common solutions? The 10th International Business Research Conference, Dubai, U.A.E, 16th-17th April.

Neelofer Mashood (with H. Verhoeven & B. Chansarker) (2009) Recruitment and generation Y: Web 2.0 the way to go? The 10th International Business Research Conference, Dubai, U.A.E, 16th-17th April.

Dr Marcus L. Stephenson (with J. Ali-Knight) Tourism and sustainability in the UAE. Conference – Traditions and Transformations: Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Change in the Middle East and North Africa Region, Amman, Jordan, 4th -7th April, 2009.

Dr Lois Smith (2009) ‘It won’t work here’: Implementing a teacher development program at an offshore campus. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons International Conference, Georgia Southern University, USA, 11 -13th March.

Dr Lejla Vrazalic (2009) E-learning barriers in the United Arab Emirates: preliminary results from an empirical investigation. The 11th International Business Information Management Conference, Cairo, Egypt, 4th – 6th January.

Dr. Uma Gunasilan (2008) Towards improving the teaching and learning experience in computer programming: a case study in Middlesex University Dubai. The 7th Annual Conference- Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture, Rome-Italy, 4-5 December.

University Funded Research Projects: 2008-2009

Dr Lois Smith, Implementing the Middlesex Learning Framework at the Dubai Campus.

- This proposal deals with the first phase of the research project which will include a study into the rationale for introducing the Learning Framework to Dubai and the initial impact of the administrative and pedagogical changes this brings about.

Dr Faten (Samar) Baddar, Privatisation and Trade Unions Strategies in Developing Countries: The Case of Jordan’.

- This is supplementary research to complete the third phase of a longitudinal study into MNCs’ human resource strategies in Jordanian privatised companies, as well as an investigation of unions’ strategies in response to the new practices introduced by such privatised undertakings.

Middlesex University Dubai Funded Conferences and Research Projects 2008-2010