Research Objectives, Activities and Resources

Mission Statement

As Middlesex University Dubai aims to become a leading institution in higher education provision in the Middle East, its overarching aim for research development is to establish a strategy that is operationally transparent and one that encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to comprehending a range of appropriate subject areas. This approach is necessary for deciphering complex research problems and augmenting change. The institutional objective is to strive towards international excellence through the effective generation of theoretically informed and empirically rigorous research, thereby contributing to public knowledge and the wider intellectual environment.

Research Strengths and Interests

One of the main objectives of the institution is to excel on the basis of enhancing its current research strengths, which significantly focus on the service sector industries (especially relating to banking, education, tourism and hospitality).

i) Business and Management

Specific areas of study within the business and management field concern the following subject areas, which in many ways relate to a critical understanding of the role of consumers, employees and employers:

  • E-commerce and internet banking; consumer behaviour and service training;
  • Employee performance and satisfaction; cultural directives at work and expatriate work environments;
  • Management and leadership paradigms (e.g., HRM, strategy, account management & talent management);
  • Macro-econometric modeling, management economics and entrepreneurship.
  • Capital markets (regional and international), corporate finance and entrepreneurship development.

ii) Education-based Research

Teaching and learning are areas attracting a significant amount of research activity, with specialist knowledge in teaching and learning experiences, e-learning and transnational / off-shore education.

iii) Applied Research

Importantly, applied research is a significant feature of the research work of the institution, with peaks in such areas as informational technology, strategic communications, leadership perspectives and tourism management.

iv) Disciplinary Research

In addition to the range of business-related areas of study, Middlesex University Dubai has clear representation from the social sciences, especially in such disciplinary areas as psychology and sociology. For instance, significant research has been conducted in relation to the sociological implications of tourism development and planning.

v) Regional (UAE) Research

See separate profile.

Current Resources for Research Activities

Middlesex University London has shown exemplary results in the national Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) that were published in London in late December 2008. The research has a direct impact on the accreditation of Middlesex University Dubai. The Middlesex University results of the RAE make excellent reading especially when they are compared to the post-2002 ‘new’ universities. This demonstrates that research at Middlesex has an important impact on national and international policy and practice. Having scored ’2′ and above for over 77% of research submitted to the RAE across diverse subjects, it is now the case that Middlesex research is internationally recognized for its originality, significance and academic rigour.

Middlesex University London is in the top five new universities for research in the following areas: ‘Philosophy’; ‘Business and Management’, ‘Geography and Environmental Studies’, ‘Social Work and Social Policy’, ‘History of Art, Architecture and Design’, and ‘Drama, Dance and Performing Arts’. Specific subjects perceived as the very best in the UK among the new universities include: Philosophy (also outperforming the universities of Durham, Edinburgh and Warwick) and the History of Art, Architecture and Design (also outperforming the universities of Bristol, Essex, Nottingham, Sussex and Warwick).

Colleagues at Middlesex University Dubai are eligible for entry into the UK RAE, especially as the research procedures and processes are similar to those in London. Moreover, the Middlesex University Dubai Research Committee helps to develop and foster research that reflects faculty interests and aspirations, as well as to establish innovative research projects with other appropriate external parties. Membership of the committee is comprised of academic staff who represent the broader spectrum of the subject fields and who are proactively engaged, or have been engaged, in research.

The responsibilities of the committee are nine-fold:

  1. To establish, monitor and review (and/or update) research developments, policies and procedures.
  2. To audit staff research profiles on a six month basis.
  3. To encourage junior staff to be involved in research and / or scholarly-related activities and oversee mentorship arrangements between junior staff and senior staff.
  4. To draw general awareness to all staff of opportunities and developments in research, especially to encourage high profile research reports and published work.
  5. To manage the Middlesex University Dubai Seminar Programme (for internal and external guests).
  6. To review conference applications and make recommendations to the Director.
  7. To review small research grant applications and make recommendations to the Director.
  8. To oversee research expenditure and assess future research requirements.
  9. To emphasise that research needs to be carried out in compliance with ethical principles and practices.

The current members of the committee are:

  • Dr. Cody Paris (Research Committee Chair)
  • Dr. Alun Epps
  • Prof. Ajit Karnik
  • Dr. Fehmida Hussein
  • Dr. Kay Sanderson
  • Dr. Lois Smith
  • Lynda Hyland
  • Dr. Marcus Stephenson
  • Dr. Rajesh Mohnot

Middlesex University Dubai encourages a mentoring system by linking new researchers and staff keen on developing research with experienced academics. This coordinated attempt aims to encourage individuals to adopt research confidence and awareness of research, as well as the skills necessary to publish at both the academic and professional level. Also, the institution has a clear policy for supporting staff attending national and international conferences and as well as providing grant support for specific research studies.

Therefore, the maintenance of a research culture is necessary and this can be partly achieved through a regular programme of research-related activities such as seminars, research training activities and contributions from visiting professors.

The Middlesex University Dubai Research Series, comprising of an ongoing set of reputable ‘Working Papers’, has been established since 2005. The papers have largely been produced by experienced researchers – though the series offers excellent opportunities for new researchers at Middlesex to develop their work.

Middlesex University Dubai has a bright future for the expansion of research activities, with an exceptionally high level of trained researchers and academics who have published significantly at various levels.

Dr. Cody Paris
Research Committee Chair