The Third National Conference Of Applied Psychological Research in UAE


The Psychology Department of Middlesex University Dubai is pleased to announce the Third National Conference of Applied Psychological Research in UAE on March 19, 2015.

This conference will offer the opportunity to interested researchers in the field to present, share, and discuss topics of current psychological research.

Submissions of empirical research papers and research syntheses are strongly encouraged.

Contributions from a broad field of applied psychological research will be considered, as outlined below:


  • Challenges and opportunities in educational psychology research
  •  Cognitive task performance
  •  Cross cultural mental health
  •  Health behavior
  •  Personality and Individual differences
  •  Psychological well-being throughout the lifespan
  •  Trends and issues in industrial/organisational psychology



Deadline for Abstract Submissions:
January 18, 2015
For Abstract Submission please refer to the: Author instructions


Conference Venue:
Middlesex University Dubai, Block 16, Oasis Theater

Conference Chair:
Anita Kashi

Members of the Committee:
Lynda Hyland
Eleni Petkari
Jakob Pietschnig

Tel:      +971 4 3678133
Blocks 4, 16, 17 &19, Dubai knowledge village