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Track 8: Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism has major economic and social significance to most modern economies and has become an essential aspect of contemporary life, changing the way the world looks and works. The tourism and hospitality track aims to provide a forum for international educators, scholars, researchers, industry professionals, policy-makers and graduate students to evaluate emerging paradigms and discuss pioneering practices within the broader tourism and hospitality field. We are seeking conceptual and/or empirical-based papers that seek address the changing nature of the tourism and hospitality industries. This track will thus attempt to foster progressive approaches within tourism and hospitality studies, rather than to simply reproduce well-rehearsed empirical models and conceptual applications. The overall aim of this track is to present a new agenda for future research and theoretical exposition.

Although we are open to any submission that is aligned to the goals of the conference and this track, we do encourage submissions relating to the following themes:

  • Tourism, citizenship and mobility: the rights and responsibilities of tourists
  • Social marketing in the hotel industry
  • Health tourism, well-being and social tourism
  • Islamic hospitality and halal tourism
  • Festival and event industries: emerging trends
  • Hospitality environment: new concepts, developments and innovations
  • Psychological approaches to tourism behavior
  • Consumer behaviour and hybrid experiences in the tourism and hospitality industries
  • Advancements in information technology in the tourism and hospitality industries
  • Tourism and the cultural industries: contributions from the social sciences
  • Sport and activity tourism: impacts, challenges, and future developments
  • Tourism and hospitality promotion, product formulation and marketing initiatives
  • Working in the tourism and hospitality industries: social and cultural issues
  • Sustainable practices and HR issues in sustainable tourism
  • Emerging issues in tourism and hospitality education and training
  • International Conference