Dr.Cody Morris Paris

Programme Coordinator,Senior Lecturer,International Development and Global Social Science


Office: Room116 
Block: 19
Phone: +971 4 433 1776



  • PhD in Community Resource Development, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA
  • MSc in Tourism Studies, Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA
  • PGCert Higher Education, Middlesex University, UK
  • BIS in International Studies (Political Science) and International Geography, Minors in Tourism and Cultural Anthropology, Arizona State University, Tempe, USA


Courses taught


Social Science in a Contemporary Society, Approaches to Research in Social Science,  International Field-Trip (Ghana), Dissertation, Placement Learning, Disasters and Development, Social Inclusion, Tourism Impacts and Sustainability, Tourism Policy and Planning, Supervisor for MA Marketing Dissertations and MBA Projects

Research Interests


  • Geopolitics and Tourism
  • Technology and Tourism
  • Sustainable Development
  • Mobilities
  • Experiential Learning


Awards and achievements


Best Paper Award the 6th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure in Fethiye, Turkey.

Travel and Tourism Research Association Keeling Dissertation Award given to the best tourism PhD dissertation in the field of tourism from 2008-2011. Awarded at the TTRA annual conference in London, Ontario, June 2011.
3rd place International Federation of Information Technology & Tourism (IFITT) and Journal of Information Technology & Tourism (JITT) Thesis Excellence Award in the field of tourism and technology.

The Jafar Jafari Recognition Award for Best Ph.D. Dissertation at the 5th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Best Paper Award: 15th Graduate Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Washington, DC.

Young Scientist Excellence Award, International Conference on Tourism Development and Management in Kos, Greece.

Best Masters Thesis at the 4th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure in Antalya, Turkey.
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Membership of professional bodies and associations

Senior Research Fellow at University of Johannesburg, South Africa Amizade: Global Service Learning, NGO, Board of Directors
ATLAS Independent Traveler Research Group, Co-Chair
Travel and Tourism Research Association, Member
International Federation for Information Technologies and Tourism

Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:


Tyrrell, T., Paris, C., & Biaett, V. A Quantified Triple Bottom Line for Tourism: Experimental Results. Journal of Travel Research (In Press).
Paris, C. (2012). Flashpackers: An Emerging Sub-Culture? Annals of Tourism Research. 39 (2), 1094-1115.
Paris, C., Hopkins, S., & Westbrook, T. (2011). Tourists Perceptions of Climate Change in Cairns, Australia. eReview of Tourism Research. 9(6)
Paris, C. (2011). Social Constructivism and Tourism Education. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport, and Tourism Education, 10(2) 103-108. 
Paris, C. & Teye, V. (2011) Segmenting the cruise market: An application of Multiple Correspondence Analysis. Tourism Analysis. 16(5), 617-621.
Teye, V., & Paris, C. (2011) Cruise Line Industry and Caribbean Tourism: Guests\’ Motivations, Activities and Destination Preference. Tourism Review International , 14 (1), 17-28.
Nyaupane, G., Paris, C., & Teye, V. (2011). Study abroad motivations, destination selection and pre-trip attitude formation. International Journal of Tourism Research, 13(3), 205-217.
Paris, C. (2010) A structural model of personal values and activity participation for backpacker tourists. Annals of Leisure Research 13(1-2), 239-258.
Nyaupane, G., Paris, C., and Teye, V. (2010). Why do students study abroad? Exploring motivations beyond earning academic credits. Tourism Analysis. 15(2), 263-267.
Tyrrell, T., Paris, C., & Casson., M. (2010) Evaluating Tourism Community Preferences. Tourism Analysis 15(1), 121-124.
Paris, C., Teye, V. (2010) Understanding Backpacker Motivations: A Travel Career Approach. Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management. 19: 1-16.
Nyaupane, G., Teye, V., Paris, C. (2008) Innocents abroad: Attitude change toward host countries. Annals of Tourism Research, 35(3), 650-667.


Book Chapters:


Paris, C. (2010) The Virtualization of Backpacker Culture: Virtual Moorings, Sustained Interactions, and Enhanced Mobilities. In Kevin Hannam and Anya Diekmann (eds.) Backpacker Tourists: Experiences and Mobilities. Channel View Publications: Clevedon. p 40-63.