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Scholarships and Grants


At Middlesex Dubai we see the importance of rewarding students for their current and ongoing achievements. Our Scholarship and Grants programme offers financial reward to both new and existing students.

You can apply for one scholarship or one grant at a time, unless otherwise stated. The scholarship or grant will be divided over the duration period of time studying at Middlesex University Dubai.

Please note: Scholarships are not transferable to other Middlesex University Dubai Campuses.


*To redeem the promotions, a deposit of AED 7,000 is required.

There will be number of promotion run throughout the year, of which can be redeemed against another scholarship or Grant

New Undergraduate Students

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Curriculum 90,000 AED 40,000 AED 35,000 AED 20,000 AED
A Levels 28+ MU points 24 +MU points 20+ MU points 18+ MU points
CBSE 95%+ 90%+ 80%+ 70%+
American (IFP entry only)* mature students eligible 90%+ 85%+ 75%+ 70+
International Baccalaureate 35+ points 32+ points 29+points 25+points
Thannawiya (IFP entry only)* mature students eligible 100%+ 98%+ 90%+ 85%+
AS Levels (IFP entry only)* mature students eligible 12+ MU points 10+ MU points 8+ MU points 7+ MU points
WAEC (IFP entry only)* mature students eligible 36+ MU points 26+ MU points 21+ MU points 15+ MU points


A-Level MU Scholarship Points

AS-Level MU Scholarship Points

WAEC MU Scholarship Points

 (Best two A Level results only to be considered)

(Best two AS Level results only to be considered)

(maximum of 7 subjects to be considered)

Grade A*=14 points / A=12 points / B=10 points / C=8 points / D=6 points

Grade   A= 6 points / B=5 points / C=4 points / D=3 points

Grade A1=6 points, B2=5 points, B3=4 points, C4=3 points C5= 2 points C6= 1 point



New Postgraduate Students   


Postgraduate and Professional Study Grant

Anyone applying for a Postgraduate programme during a promotional period will receive a 5% grant towards the total tuition.

Promotional Period: September 2015/16 Entry – Apply and enrol before 5th September 2015

  •  In order to secure the grant, prospective students are required to apply, enrol and pay their first installment by the specified deadline.
  • In cases where the Postgraduate Programme is over two years, the grant will be divided across the two years.

To find out more information and to apply for the below scholarships or grants please contact admissions@mdx.ac


School Progression Partnerships Study Grant


  • Middlesex University Dubai recognizes the significant contributions that schools make in preparing students for success at university, both in their personal and professional lives, Students who are joining from partner school and are not eligible for an Academic Excellence Scholarship, will be eligible to receive a grant of 15,000 AED towards their tuition fees.


  • If you are a student coming from a partner school, yet you are eligible for an Academic Excellence Scholarship, you will receive an additional AED 5,000 towards your tuition fees.


Participating Schools:


  • Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha
  • Cambridge High School
  • Dubai International School
  • Delhi Private School
  • Emirates International School – Jumeirah
  • Emirates International School – Barsha
  • Indian High School – Dubai
  • The Millennium School Dubai
  • New Indian Model School (Dubai and Sharjah)
  • Our Own English High School (All UAE Branches)
  • Our Own Indian School – Al Quoz
  • Westminster High School
  • St Mary’s Catholic High School
  • Arab Unity School
  • The Oxford School
  • Gems Winchester School

Team Middlesex Sporting Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is for students who have shown aptitude in sporting and academic performance prior to joining Middlesex University Dubai and wish to fulfill their sporting and academic ambitions whilst at university. This is awarded for success in sporting achievements at a national and/or international level in an organised sport (individual or team). The scholarship is offered towards tuition fees at Middlesex University Dubai. This scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Director.

APTECH Study Grant

For APTECH students entering directly in year 3 a 20% scholarship towards the total tuition fees is available, subject to approval.

For APTECH students entering directly in year 2 a 10% scholarship towards the total tuition fees is available, subject to approval.


Postgraduate Corporate Partnership Study Grant

  • Full time Employees of companies who have signed an MOU with Middlesex University Dubai are eligible for a 15% grant towards the total tuition fees for Postgraduate study.
  • Employees must present a letter of proof to show they are working for our corporate partners.

Middlesex University Dubai Loyalty Study Grant

Family Grant
– New students who enrol at Middlesex University Dubai who have an immediate family member (spouse or siblings or children) currently enrolled at the University will receive a 10% grant for that academic year.

Alumni Study Grant

Middlesex University Dubai Graduates have more reasons to become life-long learners. Students who have studied before with Middlesex University on an Undergraduate or Postgraduate programme and want to enrol for further studies will receive a 15% grant towards total tuition fees.


Terms and Conditions

  1. All scholarships and grants at Middlesex University Dubai have specific criteria for eligibility and can only be awarded by the Scholarship Committee of the University.
  2. All Scholarships or Grants will be divided over the duration of study, 1,2, 3, or 4 years, dependent on level of entry.
  3. All students are eligible for the Early Enrolment Grant (EEG) if enrolled during the specific time frame given.
  4. Students are eligible for one scholarship or one grant (other than the Early Enrolment Grant EEG)
  5. All scholarships and grants awarded will be confirmed in writing.
  6. New students must satisfy all academic and English language entry requirements for admission prior to being awarded a scholarship or grant.
  7. Scholarships and grants are awarded towards tuition fees only, they do not include other costs of studying such as housing, living expenses, transportation, field trips or text books.
  8. Scholarships and grants are valid for the term offered and cannot be deferred. All conditions of offer must be fulfilled before a scholarship can be awarded.
  9. Candidates receiving scholarships or grants with continuing benefits must maintain the minimum requirements for attendance and academic performance. If a student fails to do so, the University may withdraw the award.
  10. Please note: Scholarships and Grants are not transferable to other Middlesex University Campuses.

How to apply

For the merit based scholarships, you will be informed about the scholarship you may be eligible for and should you meet the criteria you will automatically receive the scholarship.

For more information and to apply for other non-merit based scholarships or grants available please contact admissions@mdx.ac