Second International Conference ERPBSS

Second International Conference on
Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences

Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th November 2013 
Venue: The Address, Dubai Mall, Dubai UAE

Middlesex University Dubai takes great pleasure in announcing the Second International Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business and Social Sciences (ERPBSS-2013). The resounding success of the First International Conference on ERPBSS has inspired us to plan our second conference. The first conference, which took place in November 2011, was attended by nearly 200 delegates representing around 100 world-wide academic institutions. To see photos taken during the 2011 conference, please click here.The conference sessions were extremely well attended and the quality of research presented was exceptionally high. Delegates commented on the natural way in which the conference proactively blended together social science and business-based discussion and argument in a purposeful manner. It was clear that the conference theme and its design provided a real opportunity for inter-disciplinary dialogue and forms of scholastic communication that transcended disciplinary and subject-specific boundaries.

Subsequently, we have decided to take forward these success factors and are now quite confident that academics across the world will be willing to share their research at the Second ERPBSS conference. It is our belief that events of the last three years will continue to dominate the ‘world of ideas’. The first ERPBSS conference was initially planned at a time when the world was, and in some regions still is, disrupted by the “Great Recession”. The economic recession that has held the world in its grasp has started to loosen its grip. Accordingly, academic discourse and practice could very well re-awaken to a different tune! Of course, there is no agreement at all on how such upheavals might be avoided in the future, especially in regard to their social, financial, cultural and psychological repercussions. One of the objectives of the forthcoming conference is to remind the academic world, and the world at large, of ways to proactively address economic and social transformation. Finally, it is our belief that knowledge does not suddenly change or turn dramatically, but slowly emerges and undergoes an incremental process of invention and re-invention – often simultaneously. Therefore, it is in this epistemological context that research paradigms also materialise and become accountable to academic inspection, introspection and deconstruction.

To see a list of participating institutions in the 2011 ERPSSS Conference, please click here.

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Instructions to Authors

Important Deadlines

  • Normal Registration: Sunday 1st September – Saturday 26th October 2013
  • Late Registration: Sunday 27th October – Tuesday 12th November 2013
  • Student Registration: Saturday 26th October 2013


Daily Delegate Packages

We realise that many of our business and industrial partners will be unable to attend the entire 3 day event and it is for this reason that we are offering special rate delegate packages so that individuals or groups can cherry-pick the section(s) of the programme that are most relevant to them.

These daily packages will be available for delegates who will not be presenting research papers but who would like to be a part of this unique event. Please note that that this facility will not be available to authors of accepted papers who will be attending the conference.


The daily delegate rates are as follows






Day One Keynote in business, lunch and one half-day of track presentations

AED    900


Day Two Keynote in sociology, lunch one whole day of track presentations

AED    900


Day Three One half day of track presentations, lunch and dune safari

AED    900


Gala Dinner Guest speaker, dinner and award presentation

AED    600


Options 2 + 4 Day Two plus Gala Dinner

AED 1,200

We can also offer attractive rates for groups of more than six delegates and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any further details.


Scientific Advisory Committee

Dr. Rose-Marié Bezuidenhout Senior Lecturer
School of Social Science
Monash University South Africa
South Africa
Professor Tom Baum Business School
University of Strathclyde
United Kingdom
Dr. Raoul V. Bianchi Principal Lecturer in Tourism and Leisure
University of East London
United Kingdom
Dr. Ianna Contardo Associate Dean & Head of Neuro Marketing Center
S P Jain School of Global Management|
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dr. Richard Cox Honorary Fellow
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom
Dr. Catherine Demangeot Lecturer
Strathclyde Business School
University of Strathclyde
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Professor Errol D’Souza Indian Institute of Management
Dr. Christina Gitsaki Associate Academic Dean of English
Academic Central Services
Higher Colleges of Technology
United Arab Emirates
Professor Kevin Hannam School of Events, Tourism & Hospitality
Leeds Metropolitan University
United Kingdom
Professor Dean Kruckeberg Executive Director
Centre for Global Public Relations
University of North Carolina
United States of America
Dr. Jennie Molz Assistant Professor of Sociology
College of the Holy Cross
United States of America
Dr. Hamendra Kumar Porwal Associate Professor in Accounting and Finance
University of Delhi
Professor Panikkos Poutziouris Head, Business Management School
University of Central Lancashire-Cyprus
Professor Chris Rogerson School of Tourism and Hospitality
And Department of Geography
University of Johannesburg
South Africa
Professor Christopher Ryan Waikato Management School
The University of Waikato
New Zealand
Professor Themin Suwardy Associate Dean (Curriculum and Teaching) and MPA Programme Director
Singapore Management University
Professor Malcolm Tight Department of Educational Research
Lancaster University
United Kingdom
Professor Dallen Timothy School of Community Resources and Development
Arizona State University
United States of America
Dr. Salah Troudi Director EdD TESOL Dubai
Graduate School of Education
University of Exeter
United Kingdom
Professor John Weinman Institute of Psychiatry
King’s College, London
United Kingdom
Dr. Sharon Wood Senior Lecturer Department of Informatics
University of Sussex
United Kingdom