Dr. David Tully

Senior Lecturer Media Studies


Office:  Room 116, Block 19

Phone:  +971 4 335618

Fax: +971 4 335618



David Tully previously taught at New York University, where he earned his PhD in Literature, and in New York also worked as Head of Research at music network VH1, as well as Public Affairs Liaison for the NYU Medical Center. He moved to Los Angeles to become Head of Development for Oscar-winner Volker Engel at his production company Uncharted Territory (2012,WHITE HOUSE DOWN); he then headed to Munich, where he worked as a scriptwriter for TV and features (HEPZIBAH), and headwriter for series.

In Dubai, horror legend Tobe Hooper directed Tully’s screenplay for the thriller DJINN, the first international Arab horror movie, which broke box-office records in the Middle East upon its release in late 2013.

Tully has also written the critical biography TERRY SOUTHERN AND THE AMERICAN GROTESQUE and his novel THE KILLING FLOOR was published in December 2012 to positive reviews and strong sales.

He just completed a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, for his next film, THE SANDMAN, which will be directed by legendary Italian director Dario Argento, and star rock icon Iggy Pop.