The Middlesex MBA


Anyone applying for a postgraduate programme before 2 August will receive a 10% grant towards the total tuition.

The Middlesex MBA aims to develop individuals to manage successfully and ethically across a range of organisations and to critically evaluate and take decisions in their functional areas of expertise.

This aim is achieved through:

  • Encouraging students to gain a thorough and integrated understanding of the various disciplines that contribute to the study of management
  • Facilitating the application of such disciplines to ensure effective practice
  • Enhancing personal and professional skills for management and leadership
  • Specialising in the functional area of emphasis chosen

The objectives for the Middlesex MBA are that students will:

  • Enhance and develop previous relevant experience in business and management
  • Develop the ability to apply previous and newly acquired knowledge and experience to complex business issues in a range of contexts
  • Prepare students for leadership and transformational roles in business
  • Develop knowledge, at an advanced level, of organisations, their management and the environment in which they operate, and demonstrate a broad perspective on organisational management and its wider impact on society and the environment
  • Develop in-depth knowledge in the chosen area of emphasis in marketing or finance or operations & logistics or international business or a generalist range of subjects
  • Operate and manage in a global and multicultural environment
  • Develop interpersonal and group-working skills
  • Encourage lifelong learning and personal development

MBA Specialisations